"Where your iMmunity is the highest goal"

About Us

Cancer vaccines that actually work

iMmuNeo is a cancer immunotherapy company that is developing personalized cancer vaccines. We aim to be the world's leading personalized cancer vaccine company, impacting the treatment of major human cancers including those of the ovaries, lungs, pancreas, breast, prostate, colorectal tissues, stomach and skin.

Immunology, genomics, bioinformatics and cancer clinical trials are our core strengths.

Core strengths




Cancer Clinical Trials


Personalized cancer vaccines

  • Current products under clinical development are therapeutic cancer vaccines (vaccines which delay or prevent recurrence of a cancer) against advanced ovarian cancers.
  • Similar therapeutic vaccines against non-small cell lung cancer and muscle-invasive bladder cancer are in the planning stage.
  • The technology platform of iMmuNeo allows for creation of a series of products for treatment of most human cancers.

Personalized healthcare subscriptions

In light of the extraordinary public interest in preventive health, partly as a result of COVID19, iMmuNeo shall offer a subscription service where, after filling out a detailed questionnaire, subscribers may receive personalized guidance to enhance their immunity and improve their health and well-being. This subscription service shall be available, starting in the 3rd quarter of 2020. Depending upon an individual subscriber’s interest, multiple levels of this service shall be available.

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